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Exterior Products and Services

Since our inception 15 years ago, our mission at Greenwich Wood Products has been to provide our customers with distinctive products and a quality experience from beginning to completion. We actually started as a custom historical fence company with a focus mainly in decorative and highly customized wooden fencing but have evolved to include a broad array of services, both exterior and interior. We are very familiar and well versed in crafting almost every aspect of your outdoor environment, including pergolas, fine hand crafted latticework, entrance-ways, trellis, custom lampposts or mailboxes, porticos, porches, and decks. Our dedicated team of veteran woodworkers, carpenters and designers can execute a project from an initial concept to a highly desirable finished product. Nearly all of our work is done in the shop and that means we have total control over all aspects of quality in our manufacturing down to the last screw, nail or peg.


 We can restore and enhance your historical architectural home with our specialty moldings and wood products to create a classic look from the ground up. We offer a full line of exterior trim and millwork packages, and with access to thousands of profiles, we can give your house a very distinct look and feel that is in keeping with historically accurate traditions.  Whether you are building new or preserving old, we are a fantastic resource for your molding needs.  


Our preferred woods for outdoor projects are western red or white cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, African mahogany, white oak, black locust, Douglas fir and occasionally Ipe. We do enjoy using locally harvested woods like black locust, tamarack, eastern red cedar and even black walnut. We work with a variety of metals including wrought iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. We are also well versed in the milling and installation of composite materials and offer Azek, Versatek and other cellular vinyl and PVC products when a minimal maintenance approach is desired. We will work with you to determine the optimum material selection for your project.


Whether you are looking for simplicity in your project or a an aesthetically pleasing custom show-stopper, we can work with you to find the perfect fit.


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