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At Greenwich Wood Products, company president Michael Hendershot knows his wood species very well. With a long history in forestry work and years of  experience working different lumber, Mr. Hendershot has acquired a formidable knowledge of the products we offer our customers.  GWP knows how to source the best lumber products available from a wide array of vendors. We work with local sawmills, lumber importers, timber mills, as well as our own leased 125 acre sustainable farm with millions of board feet of lumber in standing tree form.


We offer:


• Dimensional lumber and custom lumber in the following species:


Exterior Lumber

  • Atlantic white cedar

  • Western red cedar

  • Northern White cedar

  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  • Eastern Red Cedar

  • White Oak

  • Black Walnut

  • Black Locust

  • Black Cherry

  • African and genuine Mahogany

  • Spanish cedar

  • Sassafras

  • Cypress

  • Heart Pine

  • Douglas Fir(vert grain)

  • Redwood(very limited)

  • Tamarack

Interior Lumber

  • Soft Maple

  • Hard Maple

  • Red Oak

  • Ash

  • Cherry

  • Eastern White Pine

  • Hickory 

  • Sycamore

  • Beech

  • Yellow Birch

  • Poplar

  • Butternut




• Specialty Woods not commonly elsewhere found

  • Fruit woods such as Apple and Pear, Dogwood, Plum

  • Boat lumber for construction and repair-Atlantic White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, White Oak, Black Locust, and more



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Custom & Historical


Interior • Exterior

Fences • Gates • Pergolas • Trellis

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