Northern white-cedar has a thin layer of nearly white sapwood that surrounds the light brown heartwood; the growth rings are distinct, delineated by a darker band of late wood. The wood has a characteristic, pleasant aromatic odor of the “cedars.” It is even-grained, finely textured, and has the lowest density of any commercial domestic wood. A cubic foot of air-dry wood weighs about 19 pounds.


The heartwood is resistant to decay and subterranean termites. Drying of northern white-cedar is easy. It has little tendency to shrink or warp. The wood is easy to work with hand tools and has average machining qualities. It glues well, holds paint well, and stays in place with little dimensional change. However, because of its low density, the wood is soft and has low mechanical properties such as bending strength, compressive strength, hardness, stiffness, shock resistance, splitting resistance, and nail- and screwholding ability.

Knotty White Cedar 1x5

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