Warning! Satirical weather related New Englandy commentary below!


Those brave souls who dare to call New England home are those who have chosen to forgo the banal, unexciting lifestyle afforded to the smug residents of lesser, more temperate regions. What we have here instead is a thrill-a-minute emotional roller coaster ride that we know as home ownership in New England.  These are our customers! Every time the wind blows too hard or the rain falls for too long, we get the call.  We have been helping our fellow Northeasterners recover from the unpredictable and the occasionally surly attitude of our native climate for over a decade. We can fix erratic tree branch smashings, wind flattened fence sections and restore an upright attitude to garden structures that have lost hope over an unexpected winter or summer time blitzkrieg. 


We have seen it all...and repaired it all. Let us plate what mother nature has dished out with a garnish of old-fashioned customer service! We understand if that past statement was moderately concerning, if not completely off putting.  Ha! Call us anyhow.  


Unexpected repairs can tax your patience and your budget. Minimize your stress by letting us take care of your potentially dire situation. Our prompt response and accurate estimates coupled with swift execution allow you to get on with your life.

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