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Build a Career with One
of the Top Architectural 
Woodworking Shops
in New England.

At some point in my junior year of college, I realized I didn't want to sit in an office all day, push papers around, and mash buttons. Cringe! I was unsure what that meant, but I eventually understood I needed a tangible outcome for my day's work. 

I discovered my appreciation for wood as a resource and realized that perhaps I was onto something. I could achieve a tangibly beautiful product if I cut, constructed, and applied good-quality wood treatments. Eureka! How did I make a profession out of woodworking? That's another story. I'll fill you in on the details when you're hired. 

Fortunately, the company has thrived, and we have spent the past 20 years developing our products and processes (always getting better - with your help!) We are leaders in our field, and our range of woodworking capabilities, lumber preparation, and niche services sets us apart in the market. My ethos is that we are also people with lives who enjoy the integration of intense focus at work while living a balanced life outside work. The goal is to gain intrinsic satisfaction in executing our work while building camaraderie with our team.


So, with this in mind, please feel free to take a few moments to tell us why you could be a good fit for GWP. 


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